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Wooden door factory

Guangchuang is a solid wood composite wood door and window factory, providing comprehensive products and technical support. Through pre-painted veneer, pre-painted door line, pre-painted veneer, and pre-painted edge banding products, it helps companies save at least 70% of paint Investment in processing and polishing, especially for engineering wooden door projects, truly achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Cooperation customers: Run into a show, Senkawa doors, door industry group or the like.

Industry pain points

Paint spraying

A large amount of paint mist is generated, polluting the environment, and does not meet environmental protection requirements. 2. The paint mist is toxic and hurts the body of paint processing personnel. 3. Various shapes, high equipment processing costs and low production efficiency. 4. Manual painting is difficult to control and easy to accumulate oil. Quality issues

Paint sanding

1. Produce a large amount of dust, pollute the environment, and not meet environmental protection requirements. 2. Dust can cause great damage to the grinding workers and labor intensity. 3. Traditional paint technology, one spraying ten mills, low production efficiency 4. Manual grinding is not easy to control, easy to sand Quality issues such as wearing


As the saying goes: the bottleneck of woodworking is painting, and the bottleneck of paint is polishing. It is the cumbersome and low efficiency of the painting and polishing process. On the one hand, it brings environmental pressure and cost pressure to environmental protection enterprises, and on the other hand, it raises production efficiency and product delivery. Great challenge.

Guangchuang Service


Guangchuang Wood develops pre-painted veneer, which is specially applied to wood molding. Through the coating process, the effect of primer and even topcoat is directly achieved. The use of topcoat veneer coating for engineering door orders can help companies cut down the subsequent lengthy painting and polishing processes, and the coated finished products can be directly installed and used. Help companies release production capacity, save energy and environmental protection, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


The decorative buckle line covered with pre-painted veneer, combined with the flat UV roller coating process, can basically complete the paint processing of the wooden door layout. The advanced concept of component processing and woodworking after painting greatly simplifies the difficulty of paint processing and achieves energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.


The surface of the paint edge band has been processed with paint, and the side paint processing is completed only by the edge banding process. The use of top paint edge banding for engineering orders can directly save the workload of side paint processing and polishing, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.